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Blog Entry | Christian Living >
Question (from Facebook community): “My husband is currently unfaithful; however, he is still living with my kids and me.  He won’t leave until the divorce is final.  How do I behave?” I can’t even imagine living in this kind of situation.  It sounds like torture to me, so my heart goes out to the one who asked the question.  (And even sadder, I know of more than one person who is going through this.)  I’m going to pass along two»
Blog Entry | Counseling >
When I counsel couples who are experiencing the affects of infidelity one of the most common things I hear them ask for is an example of a couple who has been where they are and restored their marriage. Usually the only time we hear of infidelity is when a couple gets divorced. Hence when a couple is facing this challenge, the only examples they know of are failed marriages. This compounds pain and betrayal with hopelessness. Gary and Mona Shrive»

“No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care” Theodore Roosevelt In February, popular Australian TV celebrity Charlotte Dawson took her own life. As I was pondering this article trying to gain inspiration, my wife Helen arrived home from work with the news that one of her work colleagues has committed suicide. According to SANE Australia (a mental health education organisation) mental illness affects approximately 20% of the population in which 14% suffer from anxiety related illnesses while 6% depression related illnesses (I would ima ...

Article | Devotionals >
"Hosea’s illustration represents among the deepest of betrayals and pain we can know, and the reconciliation to which it po»
Article | Spiritual Growth >
Belief, trust and faithfulness: Norton Herbst discusses these three kinds of faith.
Article | Marriage >
R. Robert Creech explains what makes a Christian Marriage.
Article | Bible Study >
Pastor and author Brian Jones explores Jesus' words on divorce.
Article | Marriage >
How can a marriage survive infidelity?
Article | News Commentary >
On the 50th anniversary of their deaths, we would do well to consider what the beliefs and actions of these two Jacks have to offe»
Article | Church Leadership >
Pastor Stephen Blandino learns four transformational lessons from the leadership of Nehemiah.