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Article | Devotionals >
God promises "gladness of heart" to those who share his views on life.»
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'Christians in an Age of Wealth' | Craig L. Blomberg
In 'Christians in an Age of Wealth,' Cra»
Video | Money and Stewardship >
Is Debt Bad for your Health and Wealth? | Debt Free Squad
Discussing the connection between health»
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About Solve Economic Crisis by Economic Principles from Bible:

The world is in great need due to the current economic crisis or financial crisis. Countries run their governments through deficit budgets equal to their national GDP. The younger generation of America, especially students start their life in deep debt by their educational loan. Europe's treasure is nothing but some paper documents in their treasury house. Asian giant economy of India and China is slowly proved to be a castle in the air. Wealthy leaders of today have no worries because their house are safe from the economic fire. There are proven solution available to ...

Article | Parenting >
Tricia Goyer discusses the epidemic of American wealth hindering them from adopting children domestically
Article | Church Leadership >
Those with wealth may be able to help your church or ministry, but you may feel intimidated talking to them about money. These tip»

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Article | Money and Stewardship >
Pastor Tim Stevens offers suggestions on how church leaders ought to minister to those with wealth.
Article | Money and Stewardship >
Matt Appling takes issue with American Christians' lack of tithing ability despite being one of the wealthiest nations on earth.