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Article | Evangelism >
Witnessing, or telling others about Jesus, stems from personal experience and the Holy Spirit's leading. From
Article | Evangelism >
Pete Freeman looks at 1 Thessalonians 2:1-12 and relates that "how we relate to others cannot be separated from the truth of what we are trying to relate to others," i.e. salvation in Christ through witnessing or evangelism.
Article | Culture >
Brett McCracken looks at the need for a healthier, more nuanced approach to consuming culture as Christians.
Article | Bible Study >
In Philippians 1, Paul the apostle shares what it means to abide in Christ and how that necessarily results in a Christian bearing witness to Jesus.
Article | Evangelism >
The ways some people attempt to evangelize lean toward the irreverent, the irrelevant, or the outright strange.
Article | Bible Study >
What does a united church tell the world about Christ?
Article | Bible Study >
Share your story. God can, and will, use it.
Article | Christian Living >
Eyewitness accounts of the Gospel
Article | Culture >
Will the American church exist in 100 years?
Video | Wellness >
Can I Get a Witness? Faith-Based Fitness | Revelation Wellness
A witness is someone who has knowledge or information about something because they were there when i…