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Article | Evangelism >
Witnessing, or telling others about Jesus, stems from personal experience and the Holy Spirit's leading. From
Article | Evangelism >
Pete Freeman looks at 1 Thessalonians 2:1-12 and relates that "how we relate to others cannot be separated from the truth of »
Article | Culture >
Brett McCracken looks at the need for a healthier, more nuanced approach to consuming culture as Christians.
Article | Bible Study >
In Philippians 1, Paul the apostle shares what it means to abide in Christ and how that necessarily results in a Christian bearing»
Article | Evangelism >
The ways some people attempt to evangelize lean toward the irreverent, the irrelevant, or the outright strange.
Article | Bible Study >
What does a united church tell the world about Christ?
Article | Bible Study >
Share your story. God can, and will, use it.
Article | Christian Living >
Eyewitness accounts of the Gospel
Article | Culture >
Will the American church exist in 100 years?
Video | Wellness >
Can I Get a Witness? Faith-Based Fitness | Revelation Wellness
A witness is someone who has knowledge o»