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Article | Christian Living >
by Moe Sarria with MOENYC
A reminder to worship God and not mis-direct our worship to other believers.
Article | Worship >
Len Wilson shares how to weave a variety of stories and elements together to tell a single story in worship.
Article | Worship >
Thom Turner offers five suggestions for being more intentional with your worship practices this year.
Article | Worship >
Worship leader Tim Price offers 14 practical suggestions on how to transition from song to song within a worship service.
Article | Worship >
What's the difference between relational worship leading and presentational worship leading and why does it matter?
Article | Worship >
Worship leader Robbie Seay answers questions about influential artists and leading worship, and gives advice to new worship leader»
Article | Church Leadership >
Worship service announcements are often a necessity, but they just as often seem to disrupt the flow of a church service. How can »
Article | Youth Leaders >
Some key steps from a youth minister to help form a worship band for your youth group at church.
Article | Worship >
How can a pastor of ministry leader help new church members and first-time guests acclimate quickly to their church's worship serv»
Article | Technology >
Awkward pauses in worship services can sometimes become a distraction. Here are a few tips on where to use mini-movies as effectiv»