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Leading Worship for 14 or 40000 | The Museum
The Museum's lead singer Ben Richter talks with's Faith and Culture Editor Ryan Gre…
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Enjoy an incredible worship experience and powerful teaching from one of Elevation's favorite guests…
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Brad Lomenick catches up with Francis Chan at Catalyst Dallas and talks about parenting, leading by …
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On Leading Worship and 'Warrior' | Isaac Wimberley
Isaac Wimberley, worship pastor at The Village Church's Dallas campus, talks to Ryan Gregg about lea…
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About Sanctuary Choir:

Choir of adults leading worship on Sunday mornings

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From a ministering angle, my goal as a worship leader is to facilitate worship that has these 3 aspects: Impart truth through songs and prayers that have solid scriptural footing Respond to truth by renewing the lordship of Jesus over our lives Desire for internal conversion and transform…
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This post is basically an extension of @loswhits blog post the other day, 11 Ways To Make Your Worship Leading Suck Less. I would like to continue that conversation today. 1. Make sure you are worshipping as well. If you aren’t into the song, it’s going to be really hard
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When the phrase “worship philosophy” comes up, it resonates with me the same way “apologetics” does. They are both such fruitful conversations, with a wide... Read More The post Worship “Leading” Philosophy appeared first on Jesus & Tattoos.
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In my experience every well-meaning worship leader comes across questions about worship ministry from time to time which he or she finds difficult to answer from Scripture. Very often, especially when Google is employed,  we are able to find what are advertised as biblical answers to …
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1. Make sure you are worshipping as well. If you aren’t into the song, it’s going to be really hard for the people you are leading to be into it as well. They take their cue from you…so lead them. 2. Silence doesn’t have to be awkward. Scripture asks us