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Blog Entry | Spiritual Growth >
Marketing and parenting have more in common than you think. Let me explain. I’ve had a voice in the marketing efforts for several of the companies I’ve worked for. (As one of the founders of ym360, helping shape the message of our company is one of the roles I play.) In marketing, there are unique []
Blog Entry | Spiritual Growth >
My life is pretty crazy. My bet is that your’s is too. I don’t know a whole lot of people in our near my life stage that worry a lot about what to do with all the idle time on their hands. If you’re in ministry of any kind or have kids (or both), you don’t need me to remind you that Fall is an especially busy time. That’s why it’s vitally important that we excel at managing stress. For me Fall is several levels beyond crazy. My childr»
Blog Entry | Youth Leaders >
The most effective way of drawing people to Christ is first through Christ-centered community
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The most effective way of drawing people to Christ is first through Christ-centered community
Blog Entry | Youth >
I just got done reading Andy Blanks' The 7 Best Practices For Teaching Teenagers The Bible.  As someone who doesn't have a seminarian background I've found it intimidating over the years learning how to incorporate scripture into my messages and small group curriculum.  Even if you have been to seminary or studied theology I'm sure you know learning scripture is a lot different from teaching it.  But, one of the responsib»
Article | Volunteers >
You're only as old, or as young, as you feel, right?
Article | Youth Leaders >
Andy Blanks lays out a back-to-school schedule for youth leaders.
Article | Youth Leaders >
Christopher Wesley with YouthMinistry360 considers 4 qualities every student minister should have to help foster a healthy working»
Article | Small Groups >
Though targeted at student ministry leaders, Andy Blanks offers insight into the pros and cons of all kinds of small groups when c»
Article | Youth Leaders >
This week's FaithVillage Contributor Spotlight is on Andy Blanks, co-founder of the youth leader resource site»