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Facebook: "I Love My Job" | National Youth Workers Conference
Download this free video and discussion »
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The guys still haven't gotten Skype completely figured out...and it shows. That doesn't stop them from bringing in the o»
Audio | Youth Workers >
On this episode, Kurt and Jason share some nuggets of wisdom to new youth workers looking to land their first ministry p»
Audio | Youth Workers >
This week, AC joins the action and brings his usual smoothness with him! The guys use the Simply Youth Ministry Today ar»
Video | Youth Leaders >
Youth Worker Stories: Marla
Visit Marla Frederick in Houston, Texas »
Video | Youth Leaders >
Youth Worker Stories: Ben and Nicole
See Ben and Nicole's story of working wi»

A blog committed to the resourcing of youth pastors, youth workers, and youth speakers to help them become better communicators for the post-modern students represented in youth ministries today.

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What You Need to Know About Faith in College
What does a high school senior need to k»