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We all have an opinion on small group life. Some of us lean towards “small groups are amazing.” Some of lean towards “small groups are just plain difficult. And awkward.” Rarely is someone neutral when it comes to intentionally building spiritually-formative relationships with others.

I’ve been a part of life-giving small groups that I long to gather with week in and week out. Ones where I leave with more of Jesus than when I came. I’ve also been a part of groups that seem to suck the life right out of me. Ones where I give, but get nothing in return. (I think that has to do most prominently with small group dominators, but that’s another post for another day.)


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The Fizzle. We've all been there. What starts out as a strong small group hits a few bumps in the road. Maybe a sports season causes a drop in attendance. Maybe you have personal stuff that causes you to miss a few times. Maybe you struggle gaining back your momentum after the holidays. Whatever the case, oftentimes these little "bumps" begin to add up. And next thing you know, what was a meaningful gathering turns into drudgery. You've fizzled. And if you've been there, it's no fun.

But it doesn't have to be that way. There are things we can do to fight the fizzle.


small group resources

The main goal of group Bible studies is to help people know God through his Son Jesus Christ. And the chief advantage of the group format is interaction.

Sometimes that chief advantage can steal the limelight, and the main goal unintentionally becomes the understudy. Or for the non-theatrical types: that chief advantage can steal the ball, and the main goal gets benched.


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In biblical times, the city “gates” were the first place of entry into a city. Even though this put the gates on the outer rim of a city’s geography, make no mistake about it: the gates were the center of city life.

If you’re a new Small Group Point Person (staff or volunteer), you need to know where the gates of your church are, and then you need to enter through them first. What do I mean by “enter?” What I mean is, you need to initiate your vision for small group ministry through the gates of your church.


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