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*que sad music*

Oh gosh. Wow. How do I say this?

I didn’t think this day would come. I mean, I really liked you. We clicked. We laughed. We cried.



Does the American Dream hinder small group life? Does it stymie the experience of community and mission?


Leading Small groups

What do you do when a person . . . ?” As Small Groups Pastor, what’s inevitably about to follow is a question about handling a certain type of personality during a small group meeting. Sometimes this dynamic can even be an excuse for a person NOT to host or lead a small group, but it doesn’t need to be.



“It’s hard to be a Christian in America,” says Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove. So much American culture infiltrates our faith, shaping and altering it often to look more like the baptized American Dream than the Christianity of the Scriptures.


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Small Group Leadership

A place to hang out and discuss small group thoughts, ideas, issues, resources, and whatever! Please use this to discuss small group ministry, ask questions, and get and share ideas.

Small Group Videos

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