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What do you do when a person . . . ?” As Small Groups Pastor, what’s inevitably about to follow is a question about handling a certain type of personality during a small group meeting. Sometimes this dynamic can even be an excuse for a person NOT to host or lead a small group, but it doesn’t need to be.

For me, these types of situations bring a smile to my face because the fun thing about church, ministry and life is the unpredictability of working with people. Make no mistake about it either; small groups are all about working with people. A small group meeting is the art of blending different personalities into an expression of biblical community.



“It’s hard to be a Christian in America,” says Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove. So much American culture infiltrates our faith, shaping and altering it often to look more like the baptized American Dream than the Christianity of the Scriptures.


The Christian faith is an embodied faith. That is to say, we cannot reduce Christianity to a mere spiritual reality with no ramifications for, nor involvement in, our earthliness. If Christians are often concerned about the reduction of their faith to a sort of naturalism that confines it within the boundaries of natural reality, we ought also be concerned about the reduction of our faith to a kind of supernaturalism that removes it from the realm of our earthly experience.



“Who are you really?” It’s the existential question we all wrestle with at some level. Hannah Anderson understands that wrestling, but she is also frustrated with the answers to which so many seem to turn. Your identity is not first and foremost an issue of gender, race, or role. Rather, it is an issue of relationship, and particularly relationship to God.


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