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Do you ever get the feeling you’re doing everything right in student ministry but consistently getting the wrong outcome?

What do you do when you pour your heart into your students but rarely see any change? What happens when you pray for spiritual and numerical growth but it never comes?


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If you’re feeling anxious about a new year of ministry kicking off in the fall, don’t worry . . . it’s completely understandable. And, you’re in good company. Thousands of youth ministers all over the country are feeling the same thing. You see, you’re in the midst of a season I like to call, The Sprint.

The Sprint is that season when everything that has to be done in order for you to kick off your new year of ministry, has to be done immediately. Right now. Today! (Or more like yesterday!)


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I still have those dreams of walking into the first day off high school totally not prepared for the year. You know that dream? You are missing books, your schedule . . . even your pants? Okay, maybe not that extreme. Getting ready for the fall season of youth ministry can have the same pressures.

Over the next few weeks kids will start going back to school. As they get ready they’ll:


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