December 10, 2012

The Exile [Part I] | Irving Bible Church

Living lives of idolatry and injustice, the people of Israel were led into exile. In this exile they dwelt in a foreign land of desolation, but ultimately the setting that God used to draw them back to himself. Under the influence of false prophets, Israel believed that the end of this wilderness was near and that they would soon be delivered. They clung to this hope, until the prophet Jeremiah delivered a word from God that redirected their path! Just as they found themselves in a broken world longing for a liberator, we live between the advents of Christ, longing for Christ's return to set a broken world to right. We live in this broken world actively waiting for Emmanuel. Reference the Scriptures: Isaiah 59, Deuteronomy 4, Jeremiah 18 A Production of Irving Bible Church and Fellowship Bible Church
Originally Published: December 10, 2012
Category: Holidays
Tags: Israel, Advent, Christmas, Jeremiah, Irving Bible Church, Isaiah 59, Deuteronomy 4, Jeremiah 18, exile

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