April 4, 2012

The Great Divorce | Breakdown Ministries

First, I must acknowledge my inspirations to C.S Lewis. Who's teachings and writings have opened my eyes to write inspiring tales of the christian walk. Lewis’s observations in "The Great Divorce", is about human nature and our choices. Even though it is a fiction, it has so many spiritual truths that hits home for many of us. I, with less originality but (I hope) equal propriety, have transferred this to a story about a fallen relationship between man and God. If Lewis were to have ever watch this short film I hoped he would be more than grateful to accept my acknowledgment. Last, this film has been dedicated to those who are in a crisis right now, to those who doubt, and to those who have walked away from the Lord.
Originally Published: April 4, 2012
Category: Devotionals
Tags: strive, Grant Skeldon, Breakdown Ministries, The Church at FaithVillage, C.S. Lewis, struggles, Matthew P. Rojas

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