Move What Really Matters In Ministry. Launch your own online church community. Engage your members directly. Drive Growth.

Measuring success in ministry isn’t always easy.
But you know the signs: spiritual growth, caring relationships, consistent attendance and volunteerism, generosity and responsible stewardship. Mobilizing and sustaining such a movement could take months of Sundays.

Then we built Faithvillage.

It’s an easy-to-use, faith-centered online space that provides daily engagement with small groups, 24-hour prayer, online and mobile giving, volunteer training, service opportunities, church content hosting and

loads of inspirational resources for spiritual growth and sharing with others. You’ll find all the tools you need to keep faith and your church ministries top of mind. Now, you're able to do more of life together, every day.

Social Engagement
  • Public Stream of site-wide activity
  • Seamless sharing via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Email
  • Native commenting system for all content and wall posts
  • Like or Care tools
Publishing Tools
  • Blogs – network an existing blog into the site via RSS or create and host a unique blog in FV
  • Video – upload videos up to 500 MB or dynamically display YouTube and Vimeo videos
  • Audio – upload podcasts, sermons or music files in multiple formats
  • Articles – Create feature articles with hero images, photo galleries, categories and tagging
  • Content Share Tools enable posting of content to Member, Group and Church Loft for resourcing, training, or promotion
  • Content archived in search for availability to all usersDraw on site-wide content resources from over 700 contributors
Custom Design and URL
  • Customizable landing page with a variety of panel options for images, content features, member spotlights, featured groups, links to church website and more
  • Add your own custom HTML
  • Custom URL address, e.g
  • Badge for church website promotion
  • Customized online bookstore available to churches of 1,000 members or more
Community-Building Features
  • Member Lofts with profile, status wall, newsfeed, friends, photos, blog tools, likes and comments
  • Group Lofts for private or public groups with status wall, content sharing, member list, photos, calendar with event invites and file sharing
  • Church Lofts with profile, status wall, member list, group lists, calendar, blogand photos
  • Messaging system to members or groups with options for internal and email notifications
  • Open social network enables collaboration with Christians across the Internet
Privacy and Modernation Controls
  • Flexible privacy options for various types of information from members, groups and churches
  • Flexible permission options for multiple admins of groups and church organization
  • Moderation of blog comments
  • Draft and Approved status for content publishing
  • Flagging system for objectionable content
Mobile Web and Smartphone Apps
  • Mobile friendly web display in browser
  • iOS and Android app providing most content and social features