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Gain Visibility

What You Write Matters.

So, if loving more visibility and visits to your blog is wrong, we don’t want to be right. FaithVillage invites bloggers and content producers to share their art and ideas by applying to become Contributors whose content is featured as articles in FaithVillage channels and pushed through our social media streams. FaithVilllage helps new readers discover you and your work by providing another compelling channel where you can get extra mileage from your blog posts.

As a Contributor, you get link-love when your content is featured through your byline and bio, heightened visibility from featured status and the credibility of association with our other quality contributors and content partners. And if you are worried about search engines seeing FaithVillage reposts as duplicate content, have no fear. Not only do our feature articles not appear as duplicate content with any original posts on your blog, they also don’t appear as duplicate content when imported to our site via RSS feed as blog posts.

How to Share

As you complete the Content Partner Application, you have three choices on how you want to share content with FaithVillage:

  • All-Access grants FV permission to repost any of your content.

  • Type-Specific Access grants FV permission to repost specific types of content as outlined by you, e.g. author-specific, media format-specific, topic-specific, etc.

  • Selective Access grants FV permission to repost only the content you specifically select (labor intensive for us gives you complete control on a post-by-post basis).

It all works together to broaden your social media footprint.

Keep in mind that FaithVillage is a non-profit ministry, motivated to bring value to emerging writers and church leaders by offering them a place to engage readers and serve the broader church. We give away for free all use of our publishing tools and social platform tools to individuals and churches. We reinvest any proceeds back into the platform that benefits all who participate.



If you are accepted, we will ask you to finally approve our Contributor Agreement, which clearly states copyright permissions and other partnership provisions.

All copyright permissions are non-exclusive, meaning the Contributor retains all rights to their work not granted to FaithVillage.

Click here to access our Contributor Agreement.

If you agree to these terms, please check the authorization box at the bottom of the Contributor application. If you have any questions about this agreement, please contact your FaithVillage representative or

Statement of Faith

You will be asked to affirm our Statement of Faith to ensure we are on the same theological page.

Click here to view our Statement of Faith.