How-To Helps & Easy Move-In Checklist

How can you move into FV and start enjoying the site? Follow these easy steps.
If you need more help, see the Move-In Guides and Video Tutorials below.

Getting Started


Complete the registration process for a free Member account by clicking the Register link at the top of the home page. Free registration enables you to enjoy
a social media profile, create groups, make comments, create and share content and more.

Set-up Your Member Loft

Personalize your Loft using the Manage My Loft button. Upload a profile picture, compose an author profile, set privacy settings and manage your blog.

Set-up Your Message Center

Click the Messages link at top of the homepage to familiarize yourself
with tools for Messages, Requests & Invites and Notifications. Set your Communication Preferences for Internal Messages and Email messages.

Grab Your Badges

As an established FaithVillager, there are a number of collectible Identity and Reward badges available that identify you as a local and help you promote your affiliation with FaithVillage on your own sites. Some badges are for sharing outside of FaithVillage while others serve as badges-of-honor in your Loft. Learn more about what each badge signifies or grab the image or code to connect your site.

Meet your Neighbors

Once your Loft is set-up you can start connecting with other members, groups and organizations. Just click the Add Friend, Join Group or Join Org button beneath the profile picture. You can find neighbors using the global search bar at top and then use the Filter By tab to sort results. Directory links for Members, Groups and Orgs can be found on the Social landing page at Explore buildings for featured members, groups and orgs who share your interests and passions.

Explore the Village

With over 20 buildings open during beta, there’s a lot to experience. Find your favorite subject area buildings through the navigator or Places page, then join their corresponding groups for more conversation and notices of new content. If you don’t know where to start, click the Browse link to see the latest content from a variety of categories.

Create Content

Members can create or network a blog into the site via RSS feed. You can create video from raw video in .mov or m4v format or link to a YouTube or Vimeo video. You can also create audio content in .wav, .mp3 and several other file formats. Create unique content, then share with your network.

Share the Village

Invite friends to move in to FV with you using the Invite Friends tool in your Member Loft. Start a Group Loft for your offline small group or any interest, then invite the members by email or by internal message if they have already moved in. Share articles, videos, podcasts and blogs using the share tools available with every piece of content. Share by email, by social media streams or internally to members, groups and orgs.

Help Us, Help You, Help Others Help Us Help You

The Help Desk, accessible by the persistent blue tab on the right side of every page, provides a place to ask questions, review user tips from prior questions, and offer ideas for enhancements and site reviews. Together we will build an awesome site.

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