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Why you need to stop being distracted by the small stuff of life.

Imagine you went to Niagara Falls, but instead of looking at the Falls you spent your whole time there playing with a water squirter. Or imagine you went to The Grand Canyon, but instead of taking in the incredible view, you sat down with your back to the Canyon looking at a photograph of a flower.


Personal worth

Acing Life

July 21, 2014

A, B, C, D, F …

These are five little letter grades that are used in our school systems for the purpose of measuring our progress in the hopes of enhancing our chances at having a “successful” life. Most of us, if we are honest, have been influenced one way or the other by this (or a similar) grading system. Many of us have felt extremely pressured to meet the academic standards set by our parents, peers, or even ourselves.

To some of us, obtaining stellar scores comes easy while, to others, it may be an uphill battle. With all of the stress that comes from pursuing excellent grades, it can be very easy for us to lose sight of where our true value and worth come from. Believe me, I know! Let’s rewind back to a few months ago in my life . . .


Pubic Speaking

Talking to a group of people about God can be scary — but these tips will make it easier.

These tips come from my personal public speaking experience as well as my formal training (Communications major at Biola as well as many conferences, workshops, and book). I’ve also recently been asking different speakers and pastors what they think are the most important tips for public speaking. Below are my findings.

These are not necessarily in any particular order. And, to be honest, I learned most of these through making mistakes. But nevertheless, here are my tips for public speakers:


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