Spiritual Growth

Looking for guidance? Turn to your maker before you turn on your computer.

The Internet has made information easily accessible. Anything we could possibly want is literally at our fingertips: food, games, clothing, homework answers, etc. We are able to "Google it" and become knowledgeable on nearly any subject in seconds by clicking a button. However, knowledge does not equal wisdom. There are too many people walking around arrogantly boasting about their education and degrees, but lack the wisdom needed for daily life.


faith sharing

Sometimes spiritual conversations naturally grow out of a friend's needs, questions or concerns. But a thoughtful Christian can also give their friends permission to explore ideas they may be slow to bring up.

Sean McDowell has created a few questions that can be helpful in generating discussion around Jesus and Christianity. The goal of these questions is not to make people feel uncomfortable, but to open up genuinely helpful dialogues about matters of ultimate importance. So, prepare your own answers ahead of time and then use these questions when you have the opportunity.


Christian living

Just got home from taking my student to walk her schedule and practice opening her locker at her new school. Despite all the fears that come with her disability — you can read about that here — I feel so thankful for God’s faithfulness in Anna’s life, as she gets ready to start junior high in a few weeks.

One of the challenges Anna faces this year has more to do with her desire to glorify God at school than anything else. I told her glorifying God can produce all sorts of blessings, but it can also lead to bullying. She didn’t even blink.


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